My Angel

After all my years of hope
I’m alone in the night
under the sky purple
and I only see your star,
Angel, show me the way
and light my path I walk
not to stumble
on the sharp life stones.
As you know,
I wait for you every morning
with the blink of the sun,
to open your eyes just once more.
But my teary mornings
are full of loneliness without a spark.
Still, I’m longing for your desire
and I’m loved by your love,
infinitely through the stars,
that you play now with.
But life goes on, painful
and days go by,
and I’m pressed by years
and I’m wondering,
are they worth it without you,
cause’ without love, all the
life is a ship without a harbor,
no anchor stormed from all sides.

Born in Vinkovci, Croatia, Jasna Gugic is the Vice-President for public relations of the Association of Artists and Writers of the World SAPS; Global Ambassador of Literacy and Culture for the Asih Sasami Indonesia Global Writers, P.L.O.T.S USA the Creative Magazine Ambassador for Croatia; and a member of Angeena International, a non-profit organization for peace, humanity, literature, poetry, and culture. She is also co-editor of the anthology, Compassion—Save the World, one poem written by 130 world poets. Jasna is a multiple winner of many international awards for poetry and literature, and her work has been translated into several world languages. Her first independent collection of poetry was published in 2021, a bilingual English-Croatian edition, entitled Song of Silence. She lives and works in Zagreb, Croatia. Read other articles by Jasna.