Art Is Like Bread

If art could make me speak
I would turn words to bread

If art could make me heal
I would turn wounds to kisses

Art whispers its secret potent
In my ears

The voice of heart
Sings for the wide sky

Commoners paint their waves
In the sea that washes their plight

I have nights, that blind
until the inner awakening

flutters like a blackbird
that leaves the nest

to learn the language of the sky
And to trust its feathers

before finally perching
and watching the boat of humanity sail
in pauses.

The migratory bird,
spreads news of peace

and says art is like bread
To unite and ease hunger.


Sushant Thapa serves as an assistant editor to Himalaya Diary, an online publishing platform. He lives in Biratnagar, Nepal. He holds an M.A. in English from Jawaharlal Nehru University, New Delhi, India. His fourth book entitled "Love's Cradle" was published by World Inkers Printing and Publishing New York, and Dakar, Senegal recently. Read other articles by Sushant.