WAR Is The Crime, Not How It Is Committed!

While the bluster about cluster bombs covers the subject of murder with liberal prattle about how it’s committed, one of humanity’s oldest but ever more dangerous problems continues as a major profit creator while adding to humanity’s losses. Hairs are split over how skulls are shredded and bodies made unrecognizable as though its all okay if allegedly civilized people just obey “rules based societies” teaching about how to maim, slaughter, destroy, reduce cities to wreckage and bodies to pulp the proper way, in adherence to higher education taught forms of mass murder which can be performed in civilized ways, according to the teachings of creatures who might make lions and tigers vomit while eating their prey.

Rules of war are drawn up by people taught to think of it as some natural way of resolving difference among people and the righteous way for murderous brute force to be exercised to solve problems. The ruling war makers are people who could not play touch football without their bodies breaking apart but anxious and even seemingly to the point of being sexually gratified by creating and teaching ways to murder other humans, in great numbers, and thereby make a killing at the market. While earlier times assured that warriors faced opponents and frequently murdered them face to face, modern “civilization” allows most to be distant observers of war, except for when they are its direct victims not in long-range terms of paying a price for social breakdown at home but actually dying in warfare.

The ridiculous notion that only warriors suffer in wars- as though that was some excuse for individual acts of brutality always social in nature but dependent on nearly helpless participants under the ownership and control of ruling minorities – may have been true at least in part until the second world war. That historic slaughter saw the destruction of cities and their un-informed masses in numbers to make strong people weep if they only saw and understood them. But consciousness controllers operate in far more powerful ways than ever and continue to sell the lie that there is a moral, legal, correct way to blast human bodies apart, crush skulls and reduce humans to unrecognizable pulp and that is practiced by humanitarian, democratic degeneracy in contrast to enemies who do the same thing and are thus deemed evil, monstrous “war criminals”. This is like making rape legal as long as rapists wear gloves!

The deepening mental instability of fading western power has Putin accused of “war crimes” by global assassins who make him look like a pacifist by comparison to their ongoing mass murders all over the world, whether by bloody military, bloody economics or bloody politics, all the result of language murder by something calling itself democracy when practiced by Americans, Europeans and their once faithful servants from Africa, Asia, Latin America and other formerly colonized possessions who are becoming far less inclined to scrape and bow at the behest of fake western capitalists head quartered in the USA.

As the imperial power that has dominated the world since the end of WW2 diminishes, thus offering humanity a chance at survival with global rather than simply local attempts at democracy – and these usually becoming market products available like all others to those with the most money – the narrow numbers in control of governments and especially humanity destroying weapons become more desperate and dangerous. The present proxy U.S. and its Nato lapdogs war in the Ukraine has seen the forces of mass murder “donate” tens of billions of dollars in weaponry and so far indirect murder while loudly proclaiming the cause of peace, democracy and other meaningless words to cover the reality. Most of the world does not believe that story nor offer cooperation in the global deceit stretching from American TV studios to the killing fields in the Ukraine. Worse is the potential provocation of a nuclear war which will quickly destroy many if not most busily being subjected to fairy tales and myths about reality. Murder is murder and the murder of great numbers of victims simultaneously is called war, but whether we kill one another in fits of local distemper or internationally organized mass murders, the weapons used and techniques employed are secondary to the bloody crimes committed. Whether tens of thousands are stabbed, beaten, bombed, burned, they/we wind up dead. That is the organized political economic problem, not how we are bludgeoned or drowned in blood. War is the crime greater than any other and humanity needs to put a stop to it in a truly democratic action that can create real peace now and assure it for future generations.

Frank Scott writes political commentary which appears online at the blog Legalienate. Read other articles by Frank.