The World was Watching

750 migrants paid unaffordable sums
to be crowded onto a fishing vessel.
Carrying only hope,
they journeyed toward freedom.
When the ship struggled for survival,
cries for rescue, for saviors
went unanswered.
The world stood by watching.
Watching the 600 dreams
of 600 people sink
to the bottom of the sea.

Four billionaires each paid $250,000
to be crowded with their guide
into a submersible.
Seeking thrill in the face of danger,
they journeyed to view the remains
of the sunken Titanic.
When contact was lost,
international rescue teams
worked as the world watched.
Watched as time ran out
and five lives were lost
to the bottom of the sea.

Barbara Schilling Hurwitz enjoys viewing the world through a creative lens. Read other articles by Barbara.