Tenured Supremes

“Justice Gorsuch bowed his head and closed his eyes” (upon hearing Justice Kavanaugh read the majority opinion).

The New York Times, June 22, 2023.

Five justices denied the Navajos
the water they need, exacerbating
their reservation’s dire woes.
All SCOTUS justices have tenure,
as professors at universities do,
but our politicos will not impeach
them for crimes against indigenous people.
We can do what universities do:
boot them out for moral turpitude.

Author’s Note: “Moral turpitude” — (from the Legal Information Institute, Cornell University Law School — “wicked, deviant behavior constituting an immoral, unethical. or unjust departure from ordinary standards.” Unjust for sure, especially when seen against decisions by the Supreme Court in 1908 and the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals in 2021, which voted for granting water rights to the Navajos according to the 1868 Peace Treaty they signed.

George Salamon lives in St. Louis, MO, where he did not grow up. Read other articles by George.