Mother Harvest Gaia

for all the mothers whose daughters have 'estranged' them

these days it’s tiptoeing
these young daughters like bolts
of ball lightning
across a field slamming
corn stalks which weep thick
with fecund kernels

you come from corn
part of your soul
forever locked into earth
mothering earth
the clay is that womb
you are forever a mother

no matter the fickle
flagellation of a daughter
unanchored from that your soil
you, a mother’s womb, delivering life

how soulless she lives
skipping in her self-absorption
so lost in pseudo-psychology
of finding herself
yet severed from womb
she believes in isolating daughter
from mother

you are more mother than
trippy daughter lost in
her navel gazing, even she’s
flummoxed by mental disorders:
narcissism and global anxiety
without mother her roots

she is of the corn, too
old man’s seed just a spark
for the fire in your womb
shepherding her with placental
love, ancient sacrifice, even 25 years
after labor, the push, pull
of motherhood is tidal

no matter how daughterless
she shapes today, her world
Gaia womb, even her empty
gestation, all part of a cycle
only mothers hold, shape
sculpt into a giant bowl

all those children held in
your own Gaia, womb, amniotic
destiny, sometimes interrupted
by time, age, vapidity of culture
a sore hold on life . . . but this day
always each day, is life-giving day,
mother-gaia-harvest, cycles, circles
of ancient life, death, creation
motherhood forever, a circle
never broken


Note: Check the Meet-ups, and the Facebook groups on mothers of estranged daughters. It is an epidemic, reflective of the atomized, narcissistic, general anxiety disorder cursed capitalist society. “A Shift in American Family Values Is Fueling Estrangement.” 

Mother’s Day is especially difficult.

Rules of Estrangement by Joshua Coleman, PhD

This study focused on 1,035 mothers who agreed to complete an online survey. The study showed 52% were estranged from a daughter and 45% were estranged from a son.

More than half of the moms (56.8%) had gone more than a year without contact with their children.

Most of the moms surveyed were divorced and 36% were currently married to or in a marriage-like relationship with their estranged child’s other biological parent.

The most common reason moms cited for the estrangement (noted by 79.1%) was that family members turned their children against them. Most often, mothers blamed the child’s biological father or the child’s spouse or partner. That finding is consistent with other research, Schoppe-Sullivan said.

But nearly two-thirds of moms (62.4%) said their children’s mental health – including anxiety, depression, addiction or alcoholism – played a role. That had not been found in previous research. (Study examines what makes adult children cut ties with parents)

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