Hairy Male Creep on the Cover of Brides Today

A male wearing a dress is featured on the latest cover of Brides Today, an English-language Indian publication. The “model” is a “non-binary transfeminine” activist who goes by Alok.

In the article, Alok said: “I wish I could post an image of myself online without being inundated with hate mail. I wish I could be seen as a human being … But I’m not going to wait for that future, I’m going to build it now, here, with the people who are ready for love.”

To those who lean toward the “to each their own”/“it’s none of my business”/“live and let live” line of thinking [sic], please allow me to introduce something else Alok said a few years ago:

“These days the narrative is that transgender people will come into bathrooms and abuse little girls. I believe in the radical notion that little girls are complicated people. There are no fairy tales and no princesses here. Little girls are trans, queer, kinky, devious, kind, mean, beautiful, ugly, tremendous, and peculiar.”

Yes, the guy complaining about hate mail has publicly stated:

Little girls are kinky.

These gaslighting creeps aren’t even trying to hide their nefarious agenda.

Alok is quoted as saying he’s “prioritizing love over fear.” Meanwhile, he’s counting on your fear. It’s the only way he can continue getting away with his entitled, deluded criminality.

Please: Never let your worry over being “canceled” or called transphobic [sic] outweigh your desire to protect children and stop the erasure of women.

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