Evidence Does Not Change (Most) Minds

For decades, I’ve been writing articles, essays, blog posts, books, and more. Two of my books are annotated history texts.

I’ve given public talks and run a podcast. I’ve been interviewed more times (TV, radio, online, print, etc) than I can remember.

You’d think by now, I’d be aware that most folks are unmoved by documentable evidence.

This proclivity hit hyperdrive with the invention of the public relations industry in the early 1900s. However, a more recent example really nails the point.

Three years ago, billions of people willingly and enthusiastically surrendered their rights, their livelihoods, their privacy, their bodily autonomy, and in some cases, their lives — without seeing any verifiable evidence for doing so.

They cut off friends and family members because the news told them to.

They lined up for a dangerous, untested injection without asking for a shred of proof.

During that same time, qualified groups and individuals provided an abundance of accessible evidence that easily countered every step imposed upon us. This is what most people did:

It’s not easy for someone like me — who enjoys doing research and has always been detail-oriented — to accept this, but: Very few people are influenced by evidence. This includes those who claim to be either awake or woke.

No wonder Jesus spoke in parables…

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