Robot Police Dogs + Fake Crime Waves

NYPD Adds ‘Spot,’ the Robot Dog, to Force

NYPD Commissioner Keechant Sewell assured the public “that the use of this technology will be transparent, consistent, and always done in collaboration with the people who we serve.” [emphasis added]

Whole Foods closes San Francisco flagship store after one year, citing worker safety

“Incidents of theft in San Francisco have gained national attention, though crime has generally fallen over the past six years.” [emphasis added]


…crime in Frisco has dropped but all we hear is how dangerous it is.

…they close physical stores to keep us home and afraid.

…dystopian technology like robot police dogs is introduced in the hope we’ll cheer such “progress” because, after all, there is so much to fear.

Spoiler alert: You can still say no — to all of it. The power is yours and it begins with accepting how programmed we all are.

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