People Power

Here’s the premise. If anyone can find a flaw in this logic, please let me know …

• The majority of US citizens want an end to war and reduced military spending.

• The defense budget can and must come way down.

• The DOD is not going to defund itself.

• Congress is not going to defund the DOD.

• The wealthy ruling elite makes huge amounts of money from war.

• As a captive of big money politics, Congress exclusively serves the ruling elite.

• Thus, Congress and their wealthy patrons will never willingly reduce defense spending.

• Only THE PEOPLE will take the initiative to shrink defense spending and end the wars.

• Current elected representatives are not listening and will never listen to THE PEOPLE.

• We must replace those now in office with ones who listen to and serve THE PEOPLE.

• So, the only path to peace is WE THE PEOPLE uniting politically and demanding it.

• We only vote for candidates who make an ironclad commitment to peace and diplomacy.

If there’s something missing or out of place here, please give me some helpful assistance. I’m always looking to improve my thinking.

John Rachel has a B.A. in Philosophy, has traveled extensively, is a songwriter, music producer, neo-Marxist, and a bipolar humanist. He has written eight novels and three political non-fiction books. His most recent polemic is The Peace Dividend: The Most Controversial Proposal in the History of the World. His political articles have appeared at many alternative media outlets. He is now somewhat rooted in a small traditional farming village in Japan near Osaka, where he proudly tends his small but promising vegetable garden. Scribo ergo sum. Read other articles by John, or visit John's website.