The US Empire is Starting to Fall Apart

In order to understand why, the nature of imperialism, and thus of all empires, needs first to be explained (especially because almost no one knows about this):

Whereas a merely domestic dictatorship is no danger to other nations, an international dictatorship — or “empire” — is a danger to other nations, because every empire (i.e., each of the individuals who actually control it) craves to increase or expand its (their) control, and because this imperialistic craving is or ought to be part of the very definition of “empire” because every empire is built in that way (insatiable desire for growth), and also because any empire is heading for extinction to the extent that it quits this aspiration and abandons any area that it formerly did control. The difference between the regime of Franco in Spain, and the regime of Hitler in Germany, that necessitated a World War (specifically WWII) in order for other nations to protect themselves from Hitler’s fascism but not from Franco’s fascism, was precisely that Hitler’s was imperialistic and Franco’s was not. If Hitler and Hirohito and Mussolini had not been imperialistic, then there would have been no WWII. (The public in every nation were opposed to entering war against the imperialistic fascists but ultimately only the most rigid fools could any longer deny that the only alternative to war against the imperialistic fascists would be surrender to them — and so there was WWII. Isolationism and preaching ‘peace’ in the face of imperialists is short-sighted foolishness. That foolishness ends by being invaded: by means of subversion, sanctions, coup, and/or military action.) There can be no peace with an empire, unless it’s an expired one. Empires are the very engines of war, and of nearly constant war.

Starting from 25 July 1945, America became imperialistic — adopted, in fact, the goal of taking control over the entire world — when its new President, Harry S. Truman, decided to accept the advice from his hero, General Dwight Eisenhower (supported by the British imperialist Winston Churchill) for the United States to become not only an empire but the ONLY empire (which Churchill’s nation U.K., would, Churchill hoped, secretly control behind-the-scenes) and take over the entire world, but especially win the Soviet Union — and so the “Cold War” that was to be (so the fool Truman was led to believe) ‘between communism=dictatorship versus capitalism=democracy’ started and then became permanently installed by Truman’s immediate successor, President Eisenhower. Those two Presidents actually created the military-industrial complex (MIC) or the U.S. Government that would become controlled by the largest corporations (such as Lockheed) whose main or entire market would be the U.S. Government and its vassal-nations or ‘allies’ (such as Germany, Japan, South Korea, and the entirety of the former British Empire), which would be the customer-Governments for those U.S.-and-allied, or imperial, weapons-manufacturers. And, when the biggest weapons-manufacturers control the Government, rather than the Government controlling the biggest weapons-manufacturers, that isn’t merely capitalism, but it is dictatorial capitalism: it is “fascism.” In fact: it is imperialistic fascism — the most dangerous type of Government that exists in the modern era.

What Churchill in 1946 dubbed “the Special Relationship” (the umbilical cord connecting the U.S. to the U.K.) had actually been invented by the British magnate Cecil Rhodes, privately, in 1877, before it was institutionalized by Rhodes in his will upon his death in 1902. One of his friends and followers was the then-young Winston Churchill. The 1911 book Cecil Rhodes: His Private Life, says of Rhodes (p. 256), “He was very much entertained by Mr. Churchill’s ready wit and clever conversation, and he listened intently to his views on the political questions of the day. He admired his intellectual powers, which, in conjunction with his dash and ‘go,’ he said must inevitably bring him to front.” Whatever else might be said of Rhodes, he was both extraordinarily prophetic and extraordinarily effective. (Likewise so, is Rhodes’s follower in the present day, George Soros, who cites the philosopher Karl Popper but acts like, and channels, instead, Cecil Rhodes.) However, now, after Rhodes’s operation’s enormous success, starting on 25 July 1945, it is taking desperate gambles to continue in control, which gambles are effective only in a short-term sense because the sheer corruption within it is rotting it out so much as to be bringing it down. And that is what is happening.

The U.K.-U.S. operation is now in its decline-phase and is responding the more desperately and destructively as that decline becomes evermore clear. Its arrogance is placing such pressure upon their vassal-nations as to be increasingly forcing a breaking-up of “The Western Alliance” — the (U.K.)-U.S.-and-allied countries. Yet, at the same time, the U.K.-U.S. alliance is doing all it can to bring some of its vassal-nations, such as Japan, South Korea, Finland, and Sweden, even more tightly into the fold. However, any success in that regard will come at a higher cost to the U.K.-U.S. empire than has been the case in the past. To most observers, the decline and fall of “The West” is now at least as apparent as what had been the case during the Roman embodiment; and if the U.K.-U.S. will persist now, the result will be even more catastrophic than what happened to the empires of Germany, Italy, and Japan from WWII. It will be even uglier than WWII.

On February 3, I headlined “RT: NATO Nations Start to Go Public About U.S. Government’s International Dictatorship” and remarked upon how amazing it was that on that date, both Türkiye and Hungary were publicly insulting the U.S. Government. Such boldness and independence from two of the current era’s lone remaining empire’s vassal-nations (or at least they had been, up till that point in time) is historically unprecedented. How the U.S. dictatorship will be able to continue to call itself a “democracy” after having been declared simultaneously by two of its vassal-nations to be instead an arrogantly bullying dictatorship, seems hard to fathom. Maybe it will even cause some other of the dictatorship’s vassal-nations, such as Japan, South Korea, Finland, and Sweden, to have second thoughts about drawing themselves even closer than they already are.

America’s Government is on the war-path and has been since 1945, in the name of ‘freedom, democracy, and human rights’ but lying all the way and now getting too close to the precipice of WW III. How many of its ‘allies’ will stay with it to that end?

There is sound reason why global polls show that America is the #1 country that is cited as posing the world’s biggest threat to peace. Global polls didn’t exist during World War II, but if they had, then America certainly wouldn’t have been viewed that way then; probably Nazi Germany would have been. And America has risen to take its place.

The U.S. Congressional Research Service’s list of U.S. invasions (including increases in existing invasions) lists and briefly describes 297 such invasions after WW II (i.e., during 1945-2022, a 77-year period), and is titled “Instances of Use of United States Armed Forces Abroad, 1798-2022.” That 297 U.S. invasions in the past 77 years is more than all of the instances put together during 1798-1945 — a 147-year period. And none of those 297 invasions was defensive. All were unConstitutional. Most of them were purely aggressions (some in order to help a foreign tyrant suppress his own population). America’s Founders had insisted there be no “standing army” in this nation. Until Truman established the ‘Defense’ Department and CIA in 1947, there wasn’t any. That created America’s military-industrial complex.

Anyway, Ukraine’s and Russia’s Defense Ministers agree (but NATO disagrees) that the war in Ukraine is between NATO and Russia, not between Ukraine and Russia; this is already WWIII, and the only significant question about it now is whether it’s going to reach a final nuclear stage. This will depend upon how far Washington is willing to go in order to persist in the objective that Hitler had, to control ultimately the entire world. And the likelihood of its going all the way to global annihilation will considerably reduce if the U.S. empire soon starts to break up. Which could happen, starting soon.

Eric Zuesse is an investigative historian. His new book, America's Empire of Evil: Hitler’s Posthumous Victory, and Why the Social Sciences Need to Change, is about how America took over the world after World War II in order to enslave it to U.S.-and-allied billionaires. Their cartels extract the world’s wealth by control of not only their ‘news’ media but the social ‘sciences’ — duping the public. Read other articles by Eric.