Is It a Monkey Wrench or C4, or Some Form of War?

Capitalism's wars run amok

The insanity of America just never slips, as the men and women who have done an amazing bunch of PSYOPS on the American public since, oh, hell, before Randoph Hearst’ and Pulitzer’s Yellow Journalism, are coming at us like gangbusters. The military wars being plotted now, the economic wars of old and present, the war against nature, the war against people through agriculture and chemical bombs, these are all colluding and connected issues. We are in a War Regime. Let’s try and blast away and look as some of the wars waged from different silos and see if we (I) can pull it all together. It gets rocky, I know, this roller coaster, but the point of an essay (sic) like this is to illustrate the splatterings you the reader could see in one half hour of news feeds. Here, let’s start with the lies, again, a war on logic, truth, critical debate:

They are graduates of Ivy League, of those power house schools that have visiting adjuncts from the military, from Neocon and Neoliberal institutes, from previous administrations, from industry, from the shadows of the world. Just see which law schools the Supreme Court injustices are graduates of. Currently, the court is split 4-4 between Harvard and Yale law graduates. Breyer attended Harvard, as did Chief Justice John Roberts and Justices Elena Kagan and Neil Gorsuch. Sotomayor and Justices Clarence Thomas, Samuel Alito and Brett Kavanaugh attended Yale.

Supreme Court shouldn't be covered in Ivy, 2 lawmakers say ...

Peer into their backgrounds, their families, their histories, their origins, their clans, their relationships, their networking, their peers, their inside jobs, their vaunted lives. The place for, by and with the people is run like a giant K-Street Lobby for the Top 1,000 corporations. With all the fanfare of a military parade. Tears in our eyes with rockets bursting in air. War against common sense.

The same Supreme Court honchos were lawyers elsewhere: Six in 10 sitting federal appeals court judges are former corporate lawyers. We define a “corporate lawyer” here as a lawyer who has achieved partner status at a corporate law firm—such as the large firms known collectively as Big Law—or has served as in-house counsel at a large corporation. This would mean lawyers who briefly worked as associates at corporate firms at an early phase in their careers would still be eligible for the federal bench. (source)

Federal judges, local judges and then those corporations served by superstar $2000 an hour lawyers who work hard for chemical-ag-military-media-banking-finance-insurance-medical industries. All those which make up the War Complex. Until we are here: General X says the USA is at war against China by 2025. General Y puts that war against China by 2027.

The photo above, god help us, in the minds of these corporate types and Raytheon Guys like General Austin might be something they are plotting for Russia. Their form of rational war.  I like this photo cutline blurb for the one below: Rockets have hit peaceful neighborhoods once again. Why does Kiev continue its policy, if not purely out of hate?

The question being posed above comes from Vladislav Ugolny, a Russian journalist based in Donetsk. (source)

At least ten rockets hit central areas of Donetsk on Saturday morning, damaging three residential buildings, a local Russian official has reported in his Telegram channel.

One of the projectiles fired by Ukrainian forces hit an apartment building in the Kievsky district. While rescuers continue to search for survivors under the rubble, preliminary information suggests that there were three people in one of the apartments.

So, let’s get back to the superstructure of wars, whether they are hot ones, proxies, or economic; including propaganda wars. Now, this is a regime (Ukraine post-Maidan) outfitted, trained, directed by the Europeans and Americans. This sort of terror into civilian neighborhoods is the Israeli Project of Hell and intimidation against Gaza and Palestine. And from my perspective, the average Joe and Janet shopping for eggs is not about to question the trillions spent for war monger Military Offensive Weapons manufacturers, and these citizens/consumers will not question the hate we are told to build up toward that Axis of Evil, a la George W. Bush. You wake up hating Russia and hating China and wonder why, but really because those dictums and orders are in the news, on TV, in movies, and in the schools, bars, and cafes. That is the only way in America to get through the day at a shit job with a shit boss with shit wages under a shit-storm economy, with the winds of contamination about to whip up more people-killing and plant-stripping fun.

War with Russia. This is actually calmly discussed on the Sunday un-News Shows. Why? Because of a Jewish President in Ukraine huffing and puffing like Woody Allen in some two-bit role with a penis and a piano? This is 2023, and Blinken, Nuland, Kagan, Garland, and Yellen, and an entire audience of Jewish folk raised to think, plot and laugh are chuckling at this irony: This guy is running an Azov, SS, and Nazi loving crew of supremacists and Russia haters in Ukraine, and he too is part of the heralded Jewish people in government:

“All the Jews Biden has tapped for top roles in his new administration from secretary of state to attorney general, a diverse cross-section of American Jewry is set to fill seats at the incoming president’s Cabinet table and elsewhere in government”  (Times of Israel). There is celebration here and abroad with Biden’s picks.

Biden’s choices reflect a diverse cross-section of American Jewry and possess expertise gleaned from decades of experience in government, science and medicine and law.

Here’s a rundown of the Jewish names you should know as the Biden administration begins. (source)

If you are not sickened yet from the above, then you are sub-human. For sure. How many thousands of celebrities and rich guys and gals go to Zelensky’s knees to pray? This is the leader of the most corrupt country in Europe. He’s a murderer, thief and helping the USA proxy nuclear death. What a guy.

“Presumably there is money,” said Konstantin Sidorenko, a consultant anaesthetist at the institute, when we first met in July. “But for some reason that money doesn’t reach the most important places, like intensive care. So it means we have to earn everything ourselves.” (source

The phrase “earn everything ourselves”, he explained, is a euphemism for taking bribes, though Sidorenko was quick to point out that this wasn’t something he wanted to do. He led the team of doctors running intensive care, so he was responsible for the institute’s most vulnerable patients. Clinically, he felt he had no choice but to take the money.

So, war against the people, against simple safety nets and infrastructure, another sort of death by a thousand economic bombs. Until we have, way before Maidan, across the pond in Arizona, these sorts of warriors against the war mongers killing nature, in this case, desert.

This is Doc Sarvis on “The plastic dome” and civilization:

“The anthill,” said Doc, “is sign, symbol and symptom of what we are about out here, stumbling through the gloaming like so many stumblebums. I mean it is the model in microcosm of what we must find a way to oppose and halt. The anthill, like the Fullerian foam fungus, is the mark of social disease. Anthills abound where overgrazing prevails. The plastic dome follows the plague of runaway industrialism, prefigures technological tyranny and reveals the true quality of our lives, which sinks in inverse ratio to the growth of the Gross National Product.”

Edward Abbey’s The Monkey Wrench Gang follows four unlikely companions who – angered by the destruction of their beloved southwestern American desert by ever-expanding industry – turn to sabotage.

The gang is comprised of the wise and eloquent Doc Sarvis, the strong-willed Bonnie Abbzug, the “incorrigibly bucolic” Seldom Seen Smith, and the brutish, testosteronic Vietnam vet: George Hayduke. These characters come from diverse backgrounds, but are unified in the conviction that no one has a right to destroy the the impeccable and essential wilderness they cherish.

So they disassemble bulldozers, they blow up assembly lines, they uproot survey stakes… you know… eco-terrorist stuff. They come together to strike back against the oil companies, coal companies, and mining companies destructively extending their greedy paws into the pristine desert of the American southwest.

Again, revert back to the who’s who in federal courtrooms, and who writes the laws to make property destruction crime numero uno. These are the crimes of the future, now, eco-terrorism:

“To those who have studied radical movements, the unprecedented prosecution of environmental activists represents the end of an era,” Vanessa Grigoriadis wrote in Rolling Stone in 2006. “Four states have already passed legislation—drafted by a right-wing lobbying group that represents 300 major corporations—that classifies any act of property destruction motivated by environmental beliefs as ‘ecological terrorism.’”

When Grigoriadis wrote that, FBI had recently called radical environmental activists “the number one domestic terrorism threat,” despite the fact that damage was suffered by property, and human casualties were rare. (That description has since been downgraded to “one of the most serious domestic terrorism threats in the U.S. today.”) (Source)

Here’s the FBI’s bullshit on, Testimony: Animal Rights Extremism and Ecoterrorism

War war war against protest, even if readers here have some acid reflex thinking about ELF.

Imagine that: dozens of years in federal prison for burning up some SUV’s, or burning down some property owned by a Confined Animal Feeding Operation. Imagine being thrown in jail and prison for filming abuse of animals in cages and pens. Imagine that, these Cheeseburger laws, so called food disparagement laws: The “Cheeseburger Bill” which makes it illegal for people to sue food companies for making them obese.

Yesterday [10/19/2005] the House of Representatives once again passed the Personal Responsibility in Food Consumption Act, which purports to protect food sellers from liability for the consequences of their customers’ overeating. I say “purports” because I’m not sure the bill (which has not been considered by the Senate yet) would make much of a difference in the sort of litigation that inspired it.

Then, another area of attack, that is, war against health, war against the child’s body and mind: Fat, sugar, salt, and artificial flavorings and High Fructose Corn Syrup Super Size drinks, and the endless jocks and celebrities hawking this junk food, and then, of course, normalizing pizza for school lunches washed down by chocolate milk and with a side of French fries, none of that causes diabetes, high blood pressure, obesity! Imagine that, food deserts, and food price gouging where an apple or pre-made salad is more expensive than a burger and fries from one of your favorite national dirty chains.

Imagine all of this advertising and subliminal mind warping and behavior modification happening at age 10 days, whenever the baby sitter puts the TV on while rocking baby to sleep. This is yet another form of war being unleashed upon us. To believe there is no conspiracy of HFCS and sugary drinks and processed foods and sat, sugar, salt and other secret ingredients that get the average five year old lusting after Twinkies, 7/11 hotdogs, bags of Doritos and a Big Mac or Whooper delivered 24/7 through advertising (another form of war), then you haven’t been paying attention. Nah, how dare we journalists put two and two and two together. We can get sued. Therefore, another form of war, a war against journalists.

Here’s on fellow on one famous show (Oprah) who ended up in a war — against the Cattleman’s Association which is then a war against lawyers, politicians and fast-food burger joints. Here, I had Howard Lyman staying at my house in Spokane. He was on my radio show, and he was interviewed by me for a stage presentation, and he was also written about by yours truly:

“My name is Howard Lyman and I am a recovering meat eater … dairy consumer … factory farmer.” Something for an Oprah show? Dr. Phil’s forte?

The Oprah reference is an accurate one for Lyman, the former operator of a super-industrialized livestock lot and dairy farm, now author (Mad Cowboy and No More Bull, both co-written with Glen Merzer) and advocate of vegetarianism, animal rights and stewardship of the land through sustainable agriculture. It was during an April 1996 Oprah show that the fourth-generation Montana cattleman — now living in Ellensburg — “let the cattle out of the bag” by confronting a spokesman for the National Cattleman’s Beef Association about the practice of feeding vegetarian ruminants their own kind. He suggests that the practice is a bizarre cannibalistic ritual set upon the industrialized meat-raising system to satisfy greed and the bottom line.

On the show, Lyman asserted that he and thousands of other cattle operators had been feeding their herds dead cows — downer cows put down because of cancer, viral diseases, genetic anomalies and mysterious neurological ailments — mixed with parts from butchered cows, including pulverized cow manure.

The proverbial cow pie hit the fan when it was acknowledged that this practice had rendered America’s beef supply susceptible to Mad Cow disease (BSE, or bovine spongiform encephalopathy), which had already taken its toll in the United Kingdom just a year earlier. Lyman, known as the “Mad Cowboy” or the “Vegan Rancher,” continues to speak out about abuses in industrial diary and beef operations like the one he ran outside Great Falls, Mont.

Lyman saw the light after more than 20 years of using road-kill and slaughtered cows as ground-up feed. After hundreds of gallons of antibiotics. After daily chemical fogs to douse flies — the No. 2 bane of feedlot operators “after bovine diseases in their various forms.” In the feedlot business, that pesky fly takes a toll on huge operations because of all those cattle unnaturally crammed into one small space.

“With every cow in a pen producing 25 pounds of manure in a day,” Lyman says, “the flies can get so thick that they actually threaten a cow’s ability to breathe.”

“Better farming through chemistry” was Lyman’s mantra before his transformation, so he attacked the insect problem on an industrial scale.

“Early in the morning I would fill up a fly fogger with insecticide and spray great clouds of it over the whole operation,” Lyman writes in his book. “The insecticide would of course fall into the feed and the water of the cattle, as well as on the trees and the grass and the crops.” (source: Haeder, “Cowboy Critic”)

So, Lyman did a huge mea culpa and ended his war against the land and against confined animals, to become an eco-warrior, a vegan for his own health, and a writer and mini-celebrity.

More and more wars tied to pharmaceuticals. Here, some comments I made over at Hormones Matter:

War against environmentalists. The proverbial tip of the iceberg. Artificial estrogen DES, nuclear winds, hormone disrupting plastics, vaccines, insecticides, GMOs, etc. And we are now in a time of Ag-gag laws which are in the news around animal cruelty cases, but much worse, we are in what Will Potter calls, Green as the New Red.

Several human studies have reported different adverse health outcomes induced by high early in utero DES exposure, such as structural anomalies of the cervix, uterus, and fallopian tubes, leading to difficult pregnancies, infertility, spontaneous abortion, preterm delivery, and stillbirth. (Source)

Like communist witch hunts by McCarthy, today for-profit felons and their felonious associations like the Cattleman’s Association and the entire alphabet soup groups that are bribe-minded lobbying organizations are going after people — researchers, scientists, citizens — who would dare expose the massive environmental pollution and human harm these industries have promulgated.

Call it the Cheeseburger bill or food disparagement laws. I brought Howard Lyman to my college as a faculty member. Remember him? Sued along with Oprah Winfrey for talking about “mad cow disease and our meat industry?

Twenty-two years ago.

War on the planet, via the ocean!

Look, when a society — the entire Trumpland and Obamaland — can tolerate children, adults and the aged to be poisoned by lead in Michigan, and no heads rolled, and no trial for the governor, well, we are in a time of corporations ruling us all through their henchmen and henchwomen: politicians for sale. When we allow, now under the current administration (sic), offshore oil platforms to reduce blowout safety, well, we are in a time of insanity.

A war against critical thinking. We’ve allowed education to teach our children how to NOT think critically, and how NOT to become participants in democracy. We are in a time when a bad TV reality show host is leader (sic) of the free (sic) world. The Rock and Facebook’s Zuckerberg are now putting their toes into the 2020 presidential run up. Whew! DES is the tip of a continental iceberg of people, animals, land being toxified! Our famed nuclear tests? Testing for those war weapons!


New research suggests that the hidden cost of developing nuclear weapons were far larger than previous estimates, with radioactive fallout responsible for 340,000 to 690,000 American deaths from 1951 to 1973.

The study, performed by University of Arizona economist Keith Meyers, uses a novel method (pdf) to trace the deadly effects of this radiation, which was often consumed by Americans drinking milk far from the site of atomic tests.

From 1951 to 1963, the US tested nuclear weapons above ground in Nevada. Weapons researchers, not understanding the risks—or simply ignoring them—exposed thousands of workers to radioactive fallout. The emissions from nuclear reactions are deadly to humans in high doses, and can cause cancer even in low doses. At one point, researchers had volunteers stand underneath an airburst nuclear weapon to prove how safe it was. (source)

My own life here in the Pacific Northwest intersects with that big lie — a little radioactive fallout is good for you. That Hanford was set up to supply the nuclear material for those nuke-tipped missiles, and unintended consequences include a war against the people and their land. My two-part story below:

Hanford — From Nagasaki to Fourth-Generation Spokanites

Here and Here.

I won a first place big time journalism (mainstream) award for these stories above, but, alas, I am wondering exactly how effective any amount of written commentary/investigative journalism or documentary film recording the crimes of the capitalists and chemical purveyors and punishment profiteers, et al., really does to change people?

Back to the Economic War Games. I remember the 2011 Academy Awards given out to Charles Ferguson for his documentary, Inside Job. While he attempted to say something at the microphone, like, “Not one economist who was part of this economic meltdown has lost his or her job,” the band struck up loudly and Oprah Winfrey scuttled him off stage.

Charles Ferguson’s Inside Job is the first film to expose the shocking truth behind the economic crisis of 2008. The global financial meltdown, at a cost of over $20 trillion, resulted in millions of people losing their homes and jobs. Through extensive research and interviews with major financial insiders, politicians and journalists, Inside Job traces the rise of a rogue industry and unveils the corrosive relationships which have corrupted politics, regulation and academia.

Very few people I know saw the movie, and alas, we are in 2018 which is a time of economic cholera — the rich steal more and the middle class and poor class and working class lose it all.

There are no new disasters about to unfold. They are here, man! I hate to be a harbinger of bad news, and it’s difficult being in this role because Americans, I find, want to see a silver cloud and touched by an angel in all things. But we need more critical thinking and more exposing of the crimes of the few onto the masses, us, the people!

Example of this time of environmental cholera:

War Against Bees. Pollinators are rapidly dying, and they account for 75 percent of all food grown — i.e. pollinated? Do we have a massive movement to ban the culprits of bees’ colony collapse?

“How fungicides kill bees is now being studied, but is likely to be by making them more susceptible to the deadly nosema parasite or by exacerbating the toxicity of other pesticides.”

The widespread decline in bees and other pollinators is worrying because they fertilize about 75% of all food crops, with half of pollination being done by wild species. Pesticides, habitat destruction, disease and climate change have all been implicated in bee declines, but relatively little research has been done on the complex question of which factors cause the most damage.

War against the entire web of life. So what kind of species are capitalists who would create chemicals that poison air, water, soil, and the entire food web? War against the food web. The DES scandal is one in a million, some of which have been documented with little mitigation or remediation; most not exposed in any sense of the word through the mainstream or side stream press.


I was listening to Cory Morningstar this morning, and it was great to hear her recommendation at the end of the interview when the interviewer asked her what can people do to stop the juggernauts of 6 G, crypto cages, social impact bonds, digital dashboards, compliance computers, WEF, Davos, You will Own Nothing, Sucker mentality of the elites, and the Internet of Nano Things, Internet of Bodies. Call this the digital and AI-AR-VR Wars. Her answer was refreshing — Learn about demolition. The interviewer asked what she meant, and Cory stated as I paraphrase — Get some background in learning how to create, set, and detonate things, since the juggernauts are all in forward motion, as Minority Report came and went and then got improved for the billionaires in order to watch us all and predict which people are eco-terrorist that, anti-government this.

War against crimes not committed:

Cory Morningstar joins us to discuss Climate Activism/Green New Deal, The Great Reset, Digital ID systems, Public Health, Smart Cities, and more

Read Cory Morningstar’s work here 

Follow Cory Morningstar on twitter

“We are embarking on an inescapable and irreversible technological enslavement… This we know: the planet will not be saved by those that have destroyed it.”

Cory Morningstar, ‘The Great Reset: The final assault on the living planet

Simple military tools of war. Well well. I have had lots of “courses” on how to set Claymore mines, how to work with dynamite and with some other stuff like grenades and even C4. I’ve been around Rocket Propelled Grenades, and M-60 machine guns, and, more, which I will not talk about here. I taught college courses to military, and I am a sponge. So, this commie teacher even got to have fun in the desert (New Mexico, El Paso, Texas, Tucson, other places) with some of my students who brought out the “toys.” Yes, I have had my time in the US military, and that is a whole other story, dishonorable to me. My father was in the Air Force and Army for a total of 32 years. I have messed with many things. I have been exposed to sniper weapons, SWAT crap, more.

The problem today is that the demolition squads are now hobbled and registered and held at bay with surveillance and such. Oklahoma City bombing? Was that a war against the government as we were told by mainstream media? Inside the vehicle was a powerful bomb made out of a deadly cocktail of agricultural fertilizer, diesel fuel, and other chemicals.

Again, though, go deep, pull back the covers and body bags, and you get:

However, Brigadier General Benton K. Partin (USAF, Retired), after carrying out a detailed study, told members of Congress that “the damage pattern on the reinforced concrete superstructure could not possibly have been attained from the single truck bomb without supplementing demolition charges.”

At most, the truck bomb would have taken out the flooring on the first and third floors. Partin believed that bombs were placed inside the building at key points to destroy its supports.

Obituary of Benton K Partin

subsequent series of Air Force test blasts on concrete structures corroborated General Partin’s main contention that air blast from a truck bomb outside of the building could not possibly account for the pattern and magnitude of the damage to the Murrah Building’s superstructure.

Read all about it: “Oklahoma City Bombing: Was Timothy McVeigh a Patsy in a Sinister Black Flag Operation?” by Jeremy Kuzmarov

Cory might want some folk to get ready for bringing down the towers and 5 G mini convex units, but the CCTV and Keyhole Satellites and RFID chips, man, we are fucked. The war now is Total War. War against citizenry.

Here it is, those from the test, from the fallout! And there’s no hell to pay from the scientists, pencil pushers, military, politicians, corporations waging war on us all. None.

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