How China Banned Soros in 1989

Do you think that both George Soros and China represent threats to your freedom and democratic values?

Do you think that the US government suffered a regime change in 2020, but don’t understand how Anglo-American intelligence agencies orchestrated it?

Did you know that China kicked out George Soros in 1989 and purged his minions of CIA-connected fifth columnists over the ensuing decades?

Why do George Soros and Steve Bannon sound so different on so many points, except when it comes to China which both representatives of the “left” and “right” agree must be put through a regime change in order to preserve “democratic liberal values”?

In this Canadian Patriot Press documentary produced by Jason Dahl, written by Matthew Ehret and narrated by Cynthia Chung, you will be introduced to the deeper reasons for Trump’s overthrow in 2020 and the broader strategic alliance of a US-Russia-China partnership against globalism which Donald Trump was bringing into reality.

Before you find yourself supporting a program of anti-China or anti-Russia hysteria which may quickly slide into a new world war, take a deep breath, re-evaluate what power structure oversaw the murder of eight American presidents during the past two centuries and come to a deeper understanding of the CIA-rebranding and Trilateral Commission takeover of the US government over 50 years ago.

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