A New Ukraine

They say that business is war,
and business is booming.
Like sheep to a cliff and
over into inevitable collapse,
capital follows
where the market leads.
Even to a far removed burrow
tucked away on an euxine coast
and dancing warily along the border
of Occident and Orient. There
presents an opportunity
for wolves
to sink their ever-hungry teeth into
and divide the spoils handed to them
by the traitors who have
crawled out of the darkness
to sell their country,
with a scrap of paper scribbled with
the price of their loyalty.
A devil’s-deal sealed by a handshake
promising a renaissance,
and luxury,
and pleasure.

• Inspired by Zelensky Admits Arming Ukraine is a Big Business Opportunity

Adam Roposa is an aspiring teacher and writer from Toronto whose topics of interest include history, politics, and economic justice. Read other articles by Adam.