the boy who put butterflies back together again

this boy was different
he didn’t chase butterflies
w/ a terrible net
& pin them in an album
pressed beneath plastic
or gaze at them
dead things
under a glass
but rather he’d gather
the pieces
of a torn butterfly
& sit quietly
his meticulous fingers
shifting unfixed wings
lining up spots here
& joining veins there
fastening the parts
together again
& suddenly they’d flutter
& fly from his palms
to perch another day
upon a flower
or a bough
mended wings
slowly folding
& unfolding
like a slim, grateful
jumpstarted heart

Rob Plath, contrary to popular belief, is not yet under the jurisdiction of the worms. His latest book of poems Batter the Keyboard Like a Raptor Is Behind Yr Back is available from Laughing Ronin Press. See more of his work at: Read other articles by Rob.