Imperialist Democracy: Apical Nazism

News of January 26, 2023, from InfoDefenseEspañol channel:

Bundestag deputy Petr Bistron to Olaf Scholz about the transfer of tanks to Ukraine:

You have just said goodbye to the fundamental provisions of Germany’s post-war foreign policy, Germany’s special responsibility towards the world. The slogan ‘Never again’ meant the refusal to supply weapons to conflict zones. This has always been the core of German foreign policy. You will go down in history as the chancellor who trampled on this legacy.

It is exactly as Petr Bistron tells Olaf Scholz: he has thrown away the fundamental German international policy adopted after the horrible and shameful crimes of fascism. A decision that Scholz takes on purpose, forgetting or trivializing the millions of dead in World War II, between 50,000,000 and 60,000,000 of which a third, between 20,000,000 and 25,000,000 were Russians. The most horrific war ever fought on earth 80 years ago, is about to be surpassed by the one being waged between the United States and NATO against Russia, with the participation of a nominally democratic Germany, but really as Nazi as that under Hitler in the first half of the 20th century.

Once again, the imperialism of the 21st century illegally and illegitimately attacks the rest of the world, starting with Russia, the first obstacle to be eliminated in order to continue  razing less powerful countries. Nazism began under disguise in Germany in the 1930s until the Nazis soon took off their masks and continued with sabotage, arson, attacks, arrests… war and occupation in Europe and the Jewish holocaust. Today Germany, one of the richest countries, with a high standard of living, including education, is run on a whim by the most Nazi country of all: the United States. This ‘democracy’ has become the highest form of Nazism, it is a crude deception for conquest: ‘By deception and intrigue, so shall you make war’.

In the name of the Western democracy, the United States and NATO have killed, wounded and driven millions of people from their homes since the Second World War with the UN as an abulic and consenting witness. Only the immoral or the foolish do not know this; the rest of the world knows it and will suffer to their regret, albeit too late. Their passivity will not help them. It is not neutral. They will pay for it and will not be able to accuse Russia because they did not even want to ask their own governments: why did you help the Ukrainian Nazis in their government and their battalions in the genocide of the Donbas populations? Why did not you protect the victims as Russia did? Why didn’t you ask your governments NOT to send weapons for the benefit of the most deadly killing machine in the world, the United States?

We are not just dealing with one more war, this may be the end of Humanity or huge parts of it. It could end in one more extinction on earth, just one more species, with the difference that ours is caused by our own actions.

Agustín Velloso is an academic (retired) who tired of Western Imperialism and its foolish supporters, most of them being also victims. Read other articles by Agustín.