I Am Palestine

Deplored, ignored
Your masses are stored
Like cattle in stalls
Behind check points of barb wired walls
Soldiers boasting David’s golden star
Have forgotten their historical scar
Dark storm troopers marching in line
Rudely declaring your land is mine
As jet planes drop bombs with precision
The world wavers in indecision
Whether to cry for the justice foul
Or in cowardliness ignore the afflicted’ howl
In this most precarious time
Hear me as I declare
I am Palestine
Join my voice to turn back the tide
Or know the guilt of genocide
Declare to the least and to the divine
I am Palestine

John Kaniecki in an author and poet. He has nine books published (see his Amazon page). You can visit John's website and his blog. John's poem Tea With Joe Hill won the Joe Hill Labor Poetry Prize. His work has been published in over seventy outlets. Read other articles by John.