Healthcare without the Health or Care

(Part 2)

“It makes me sick that they were heralded as ‘heroes’ while they allowed people to suffer and die alone.”


(I didn’t realize it was “part 1” but I posted this last week. It’s short so please give it a look before continuing.)

Part 2 was inspired by comments that appeared after the first post. A nurse named Laura V. laid out the details of life in an inhuman digital healthcare state. Here’s some of what Laura said:

“I’m a nurse and there has been a steady progression to automated, patient-directed, convenience ‘healthcare’ for well over decade — minute clinics, telehealth, and the like. If doctors accept insurance or Medicaid/Medicare their hands are essentially tied. Those entities dictate what doctors can do. If they deviate too drastically from what insurance companies recommend or what the current ‘best practice’ standards are, they get their wrists slapped and I don’t think they get reimbursed as much.

“So, there really isn’t an art to medicine anymore unless you seek a doctor who is in private practice or an alternative practitioner. The way healthcare is now you really don’t need a human because all doctors do is check off boxes on the computer that are an algorithm based on the symptoms/diagnosis. Not much thought is involved.

“When I worked at an urgent care clinic 15 years ago, the medical director instructed the doctors to ‘just give the patient a prescription and if they’re not better, they’ll come back.’ At that clinic, doctors were reprimanded if they spent ‘too much time’ with patients. Some doctors at that clinic would literally never even touch patients. They would get their prescription ready, stand in the doorway and talk with the patient for a couple of minutes, hand them the Rx and move on to the next victim.

“Medical practices have been steadily degrading for decades, but now with the COVID fraud, it is so in our faces now. And society as a collective is mostly to blame because people want instant results, and they equate ‘health’ with prescriptions. They just want to pop a pill instead of doing the hard work to be healthy.”


“It seems like a big part of the COVID agenda was to speed this process up by collapsing the allopathic medical industry with a mass exodus of doctors and nurses; thus rationalizing the urgent need for the ‘benevolent’ and almighty Amazon clinic. What a lifesaver!
“After seeing the egregious crimes and fraud that doctors and nurses actively perpetrated against trusting patients during COVID, I decided not to renew my nursing license anymore. I will never support such a vile industry. It makes me sick that they were heralded as ‘heroes’ while they allowed people to suffer and die alone.
“I had such high hopes when I became a nurse and after the FIRST day on the job, I wondered what I got myself into — and that was long before COVID.”


Through it all, Laura closed with:

“I am still hopeful that people will finally see that our healthcare system is woefully broken and they will turn back to natural healing.”

Amen, Laura, and thank you.

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