Head of State (Deep State Puppet)

The gold standard for teleprompted puppets
his shiny warm words like buffed up nuggets
masking  the coldest of treacherous bastards

the deceiver-in-chief
glibbed his route through the slickest of scripts
       written by his hidden  string-pulling masters.

From behind a lectern on a studio set
       the celebrated  deep state marionette
— draped  in the stately cape of soaring rhetoric
              his mellifluous oratory bathing his ears —

leaned  on his hypnotic time-honoured props
       stirring  the proverbial pot of primordial fears
so as to block all logic  put a halt to analysis
              and trigger paralysis of critical thought.

Through the captivating incantational cadence
       of his impeccably inflected  spellbinding talks
the security state’s dapper unflappable salesman
persuaded  the vastly-malleable Pavlovian mobs
that the foe du jour lurked  both without and within

with a simple view to drumming up consent
for unchecked repression     to further grease
a stupendously reckless running up of expenses
with a view to funding  a virtually ceaseless feast
of secrecy  snooping  and defense-excused looting;

with a view to setting  the gluttonous-budget tone
for the military/surveillance control-obsessed beast
and its kickback-channeling contractor cronies
to make an absolute killing both abroad and at home.

In classic tyrannical fashion  — following
his dark sordid orders to a dastardly tee —
                                   he was triple-quick to enlist

       safety  as his unassailable pretext
                     for declaring indefinite wars
                                   on amorphous enemy types

making consummate use of this foolproof cover
for the flagrant curtailment of freedoms and rights
with a reverent nod to his idol and god  Big Brother.

His hutzpah so prodigious it beggared belief
the master prevaricator   the duke of duplicity
       the prince of hypocrites   the traitor-in-chief
— attired as always  in finest false  patriotic garb —

had  in the course of thwarting the will of the peeps
and betraying the oath he swore he would keep
                     mastered the art of leveling the charge

       of treason at those who harboured the truth
              in its most suppressed  endangered hour
       — at those who dared suggest there was proof
              of treasonous acts by the traitors in power.

An eager cog in a monstrous machine
of practically inconceivable  mind-boggling evil
— the very model   of an autocue-ushered puppet
       his warm burnished words like polished nuggets
              cloaking  the coldest of soulless bastards —

on screen as in public
              the empire’s hallowed mascot
                            — the king of silver-tongued actors —
played the grand part of the Big Man In Charge
while in private he toadied to his cold-blooded masters.

From his lofty perch near the top of the earth, Korvus observes the whirling world of humans, with equal parts wonder, disgust, and amusement. Korvus is the author of the unpublished book "RED PILL POEMS: The Poetry of Empire, Politics and Power" and may be reached at ravenzroost@protonmail.com Read other articles by Korvus.