Complicity / Collusion

(Take 1)

In the bread and circuses phase
                            of an empire’s waning days

skilfully framed  spin-riddled reports
devised and arranged to shape   not reflect
              reality     are fed to the orderly hordes
                     of hoped-for unquestioning simps

by undercover PR pimps and their loyal whores
                     by officers and soldiers in a corps
                                          which only sees action
       in the act of producing stupefying weapons
              of mass deception and mass distraction

              that saturate the Orwellian menus
                     of the media cartel’s
                     ubiquitous platforms and venues

where platoons of well-groomed perfectly-plastic
false-narrative parroting  broadcast mannequins
— the cream  of bullshit-pushing talking heads —
along with their exhaustively-vetted pundit guests
— all bona fide experts in fact-free conjecture —

       do their professional censorial best
                     to ensure confuting truths
                                   are ruthlessly suppressed;

where   in the artful pitting of all against all
with the intent  of fragmenting potential dissent
by fomenting tribal enmity at every turn
       for the time-tested purpose
       of rule   through the orchestrated discord
                     of methodically fostered division

the masterfully vacuous coverage on offer
is  — besides the customary running
       through fatuous bits of trivia and gossip —
sure to include great dollops of identity politics
              and similar wedge-issue-hammering
                            flame-fanning hot-button topics

       along with regular reason-freezing segments
              of bogeyman-conjuring fearmongering
       and narcissism-reinforcing grievance porn
                     in the form of advanced victimology

and where   in league and lockstep
       with these and other superb diversions
never is heard a well-contextualized fact
                            or insightful unfiltered opinion;

where   from the self-styled aristocracy’s
                                   obedient media minions
never is heard  a remotely enlightening word

that might   however vaguely suggest
       the all-pervasive predation
              insatiable  unchecked theft
                     and normalized war criminality
that’s practiced with presumptuous impunity

       by the parasite class whose entitled clans
       of insider elites and their notable cronies
       take for granted their blanket immunity
              from both rebuke   and prosecution
              with its threat of unwelcome scrutiny.

And so it is that we
benumbed   dumbed-down citizens
are   in addition to the usual profusion
                                   of obligatory inanities

delivered a host of glittering
              obscenely obsequious displays
of glib-lipped line-toeing shows
       pre-screened Q’s & scripted A’s
              rigged inquiries and fake debates

       featuring  a steady parade
       of ready-made gushing and groveling
                     from a kowtowing cast
                            of plutocracy-serving
                            spittle-slurping lackeys

              happily chirping
              insufferably subservient views
              on programs   that laughably
              masquerade as hard-hitting news;

on programs that  while they may fool
       the bulk of the brainwashed masses
come across
as nothing but fluff and gloss
to the skeptical few  who refuse to stuff
       their unbowed heads up their asses.

From his lofty perch near the top of the earth, Korvus observes the whirling world of humans, with equal parts wonder, disgust, and amusement. Korvus is the author of the unpublished book "RED PILL POEMS: The Poetry of Empire, Politics and Power" and may be reached at Read other articles by Korvus.