Complicity / Collusion

(Take 2)


Mis and disinforming
              talking-points promulgating
incessantly distorting
              selectively ignoring
                            diligently obfuscating

spurious-claims disseminating
              press-release repeating
                            photo-op propagating

       gov-prop peddling   celebrity smitten
       wealth-and-power-fawning-bug bitten
              official-lies defending
              common-sense suspending
              groupthink / think tank echoing
                     establishment spokestoadies

de facto stenographic agents
                     journalists in name alone
mere courtiers who take dictation
       from the ring of loyal barons
              surrounding the lawless throne;

leaders   in the field of misleading
       spinners   of institutional spin
              shills   for big-biz big-money sin
                     gods   of nonstop softball lobs
masters of projection  misdirection
       and the impossibly incurious question;

a pack  of assiduously cheerleading snakes
with well-earned well-worn keys to the gates
       of covert-infomercial heaven
              and glowing  puff-piece nirvana
disclosing insights  as incisive as the bites
                            of well-fed toothless piranhas.


Mindful  of never-written-
                     orders   to only cover symptoms
and to never acknowledge
much less discuss  any roots or root causes

              so as not to unravel
              the insubstantial fabric
              of the flimsy falsehoods being spun;

content to consent  to pretend world events
happen   in some sort of magical vacuum
when dealing with stories
       constrained and fashioned
              by the tacit command from on high
which makes it clear that asking why
                                          is entirely verboten;

disposed to follow
the unspoken  policy of opposing
the exposing of anything outside
                     the highly zoomed-in image
                            the narrowly focused shot;

obliged to abide  by the editorial given
that honest context is and will be cropped
       and that unless pre-approved
       allusions to history are implicitly forbidden

unofficial publicists for team amnesia
the powers-that-be’s  devoted media
— all proudly mouthing pre-packaged pap —

are unable to stray from the script
or report  even the simplest most basic of facts
       should these  in any way conflict
       with the feeble threadbare fables
              the narrative-managing class
              is handsomely paid to fanatically back

as newscasting presstitute types
— reduced  to prostituting their pipes —
              together  with both their outright
                            and shadow-banning bands
       of online-censoring  memory-holing
       big-tech-web-controlling  search-engine
                            -algorithm-rigging brethren

              find themselves spewing
                     malicious fabrications
                            and baseless accusations

effectively fueling
a conflagration of misinformation
                     of adequate size to create
and stoke  the divisive fires
                     of suspicion  distrust and hate

       all the while dispensing
       the poisonous pills of legalized libel
                     by slyly  insidiously defaming
                                   their designated prey
       and administering a pernicious cocktail
              of persistent  concerted mislabeling

              combined  — as often as not —
              with venomous shots of denigration
              and insinuated  guilt by association
              no matter how tenuous or fallacious.

From his lofty perch near the top of the earth, Korvus observes the whirling world of humans, with equal parts wonder, disgust, and amusement. Korvus is the author of the unpublished book "RED PILL POEMS: The Poetry of Empire, Politics and Power" and may be reached at Read other articles by Korvus.