An Indefatigable Battler

~ est. in the Council Estates of South Wales… ‘Lowlife’ from the Cradle to the Grave… accept no pale imitations ~

“You are still on Target, Boy.”
she stated proudly.
“Using ‘Recovery’
… as catapult elastic…
is very clever,
but, is only one reason
why you SHINE
like a Star EXPLODING!!!
Sideways through Arrows
… each ‘Inch’ gained
by ‘Graft’ not ‘Imitation’.
Of no ‘League’
outside of your very own
… you’ve actually got
the finger-pointers
doing all of your PR Work.
There are many ‘fakes’
claiming to be Outlaw,
Outsider, and Lowlife
written-word purveyors
… but, you me ‘ansome
are the absolute… Real Deal!”

Paul Tristram is a widely published Welsh writer who deals in the Lowlife, Outsider, and Outlaw genres.  He wrote his first poem as a teenager following his release from the (Infamous) Borstal ‘HMP Portland’, and he has been creating Literary Terrorism ever since. Read other articles by Paul, or visit Paul's website.