The Stories They Tell

And their stories
Their words
Creating worlds

The bride from
A distant province
With a silver nose-ring
Carrying her pack
Of hand embroidered clothes
Her emphatic drawl
With an engaging smile
Pushing her ware
With enchanting tales

The urban-bound
A vast blue expanse
Where children
Build castles of sand
The froth kissing their feet
Floating paper-boats
In the mighty tide
Awaiting the mother’s return…

When the earthen idol
Would embrace the giant waves
Their mother would take
The return train
And dusk …

The Mountain Man
Arrives with winter
Weighed down under shawls and woolens
That impeccable Urdu diction
Music to the ears
And soul…
Tall trees among lofty peaks
Quaint house-boats with wild flowers
Lazily drifting
In the sparkling waters
Warm kettles
By a fireside
Heaven…and hearth
Where decades ago
His forefathers
Had welcomed people
From far- away lands
With open arms
And warmth

Characters…their fragrance
Once so familiar
Stitched with seasons
And places…
Fossils now
Buried deep
Marking time
And years
And age

Of that epic
Called life…

Dr. Supatra Sen, currently Associate Professor in a reputed Kolkata college is a veteran academician, teaching and researching in the fields of Botany and Environment. Her over hundred twenty publications as international books, papers and reviews are chiefly in her professional subject. She has edited several UGC funded ISBN volumes and is also the founder and Chief Editor of an ISSN peer-reviewed multi-disciplinary academic journal ‘Harvest’ since 2016. Her tryst with poetry writing began in 2020 during the global pandemic and in October 2021 her poetry anthology ‘My Autumn Sonata’ was published. Read other articles by Supatra.