The Emperor’s Fashionable Pose

Notwithstanding that his constitution’s
fortified by sumptuary laws,
that bar us from similar ablutions,
such regal vestments still should give us pause.
For all the peacock feathers that he wears
while we lie prostrate in a slipshod state
we’ll find the fabric that we’re dressed in tears
apart and further on depreciates
us. But we’ll bank in vain for what’s beneath
the flowing tunics sovereigns don with pride.
Forget the pompous sword inside its sheath
reminding us of laws we have to bide.
It’s all a ceremonial mirage
that makes us think His Majesty is dressed
in might. They’re regal robes that camouflage
the legal impotence of his behest.
Regardless of his vaunted sovereign pose,
this Emperor just hasn’t any clothes.

Born and bred in New Jersey, Frank worked in New York for many years. He loves music from Bach to Amy Winehouse, World Music, Latin, opera. Shakespeare is his consolation, writing his hobby. Frank likes poets Dylan Thomas, Keats, Wallace Stevens, Frost, Ginsberg, and Sylvia Plath. Read other articles by Frank.