Does It Really Matter if Trump is Re-elected?

A little forgotten history for ya…

When Grover Cleveland (Democrat) was elected U.S. president in 1884, the parasitic Robber Baron, Jay Gould, wired him: “I feel that the vast business interests of the country will be entirely safe in your hands.”

For anyone wondering if Gould was right, bear in mind that one of Cleveland’s chief advisers was William Whitney, a millionaire corporate lawyer who married into the Standard Oil fortune.

Four years later, Cleveland was ousted by Benjamin Harrison (Republican), a man whose main qualification was working for the railroads as a lawyer and soldier. Prior to his election, Harrison prosecuted railroad strikers in federal courts.

Still, Harrison was bumped out of the White House in 1892 when Grover Cleveland (still a Democrat) reclaimed his figurehead throne.

In light of this puppet switch, parasitic Robber Baron Andrew Carnegie received a letter from fellow parasitic Robber Baron, Henry Clay Frick.

“I am sorry for President Harrison,” Frick wrote, “but I cannot see that our interests are going to be affected one way or the other by the change in administration.”

Right on cue, the re-elected President Cleveland used U.S. troops to attack and break up “Coxey’s Army,” a protest of unemployed men who had marched on Washington in the aftermath of the financial panic and depression of 1893.

This illustrative history lesson reminds me of a personal story. When Barack Obama was first running for president in 2008, I had a little schtick I’d do at my many public talks. (Keep in mind, a big chunk of my audience back then swung to the “left.”)

Once I was introduced, I’d offer up this “public service announcement”:

“Before I begin, I’d like to offer you good people some of the many reasons why you should not vote for John McCain in the upcoming presidential election. Here goes: He’s raised twice as much money from Wall Street than his opponent. He voted for every Iraq war appropriation bill he faced. (the crowd is nodding and even snickering, eating up the confirmation bias) He refused to be photographed with San Francisco’s mayor for fear it would be interpreted that he supported gay marriage. (angry sounds and facial expressions) He voted against single-payer health care. He supports the death penalty, the Israeli war machine, and the fence on the U.S.-Mexico border. (deep sighs of disdain) He voted to confirm Condoleezza Rice as Secretary of State and to reauthorize the Patriot Act.” (I take a dramatic pause for effect) Oops… my bad, I read the wrong notes. Those are some of the many reasons why you shouldn’t vote for Barack Obama in the upcoming presidential election! I just keep getting these guys mixed up!”

Nervous laughter. Some very angry reactions. Later, there would be many futile emails and messages questioning the veracity of the statements I made about their hero.

Meanwhile, back at the talk, I wasn’t done yet. I’d finish up the two-party bit by adding: “No matter who you personally choose, I truly believe that either McCain or Obama will help make this country what it once was: (long pause to build anticipation) an arctic region covered with ice.”

Take-home message: Each and every one of us has been and continues to be subjected to deviously designed deception and it just keeps getting more effective. As a result, we walk around with our finger on the proverbial (or literal) trigger — ever ready to strike back at anyone who appears to be challenging the identity we’ve been programmed to embrace as our own.

It doesn’t have to be like this. If only we’d remember: Genuine, sustainable change will never come from the top down.

Mickey Z. is the creator of a podcast called Post-Woke. You can subscribe here. He is also the founder of Helping Homeless Women - NYC, offering direct relief to women on New York City streets. Spread the word. Read other articles by Mickey.