clowns to left of me, jokers to the right

Through a series of events, a friend of mine who is VERY awake recently ended up having dinner in a mainstream restaurant that featured dozens of massive televisions. When she told me about it, I reflected on how all gyms today are like this, too.

Here’s my local Planet Fitness:

This line of thought drove home a point that I feel is critical:

You might be woke. You might be MAGA.

But most Americans now live eerily similar, highly programmed lives.

When they actually leave their homes, they go to public places like restaurants, bars, and gyms to passively do the same two things they do at home: watch TV and scroll on their phones.

Each side feels superior to the other but they all remain as predictable and compliant as an AI bot. In other words, even if the Parasite Class™ collapses, we must collectively and simultaneously evolve, or else the same blueprint/template will prevail with new villains at the top.

Can you imagine all those folks scrolling at the gym and watching TV in restaurants choosing to instead reject ideological hive minds and digital slavery, and opting to live minute by minute as their soul desires?

I can.

Let’s aim our energy at figuring out ways to make that happen rather than merely railing at the so-called “elites.”

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