OPEC: Is Washington Behind the OPEC Decision to Cut Petrol Output?

PressTV Interview with Peter Koenig

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Tensions are heating up between the United States and Saudi Arabia after Riyadh-led OPEC and allied oil producing countries announced a big output cut, defying Washington’s pressure.

US Secretary of state, Antony Blinken, says the government is working closely with Congress to review alternatives regarding ties with Saudi Arabia. That’s a day after the 23 countries, together known as OPEC-Plus agreed to reduce the output by 2-million barrels per day from the coming November.

Oil producers insisted they want to boost the crude market already reeling from the global economic crisis. But the decision came amid soaring energy prices. Washington harshly reacted to the move by OPEC-Plus, calling it a “shortsighted decision”. It also vowed to reduce OPEC’s control over energy prices. The US has warned the oil cartel about the crippling consequences of its measure for the world economy.

Interview questions referred to the OPEC-plus decision to reduce outputs as an instrument to increase prices, create more energy shortages – all this ahead of a predicted cold winter – and thereby helping to plunge Europe into an economic fiasco.

And how come President Biden failed to convince Saudi Arabia to increase OPEC’s oil production to keep economies around the world alive? Instead, Washington may be accusing Riyadh of siding with Washington?

Responding, I said that this was another big sham; that Biden never tried to convince OPEC to increase petrol output. To the contrary, the US wanted to destroy Europe, and what better way of doing so than to deprive them from the energy that would keep Europe’s economy turning?

By pretending the contrary, Washington just wanted to make sure that they are perceived as the “good guys”, wanting to help the world to get enough energy to sustain their economies.

Whatever happens these days, we have to put into the context of the Big Picture, and that’s like almost always the “Great Reset” or UN Agenda 2030 – their planned disastrous predicaments for Europe and the world.

In fact, OPEC-plus Petrol Output reduction (2 million barrels per day), if it happens, will be following instructions of the US. Washington is known for dancing on several weddings at the same time. They show this all the time.

Referring to WWII, as one of the most flagrant examples: The US was officially fighting against Hitler, while at the same time funding his war against the Soviet Union. With money directly from the FED and with Petrol delivered by the Rockefeller’s Standard Oil.

Today, we are talking about a much bigger plan, as depicted in the Great Reset, aka. UN Agenda 2030, aiming at a One World Order, plunging the entire 193 UN member countries into an abyss of unheard proportions.  – Associations of countries, like the Euro-block, as well as individual countries sovereignty have to be destroyed.

The plan is to actually devastate Europe with the help of two of the most corrupt and treacherous German politicians, the President of the EU Commission and the German Chancellor. They were put into their positions precisely for their treacherous character and lack of ethics.

It was clear from the beginning that US / NATO was behind the sabotage of Nord Stream 1 and 2, with the full knowledge and acquiescence of Madame Ursula von der Leyen, and very likely also of Chancellor, Olaf Scholz.

After all, there is plenty of evidence, including Biden telling a journalist on 2 February 2022 that he has means to stop the flow of Russian gas to Germany and Europe.

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