Enough Is Enough

What shall we acquire?
And to what end?
How many houses, cars, suits, shoes
Does one need?
How much to go unused
Lie fallow
Rusting, rotting, decaying
How many persons
To suffer deprivation
By our hoarding of wealth?

Shall we then shun material acquisition
And instead focus on acquiring experience?
Again, to what end?
For experience yields memory
Recalled in satisfaction
Shared in glory
Yet, ephemeral, transitory
Fading with age
Ending with death
Even that being written and passed on
Slowly receding into the vast trove
Of unread history

Nay, acquisition, taking, is not the goal
Rather, giving, dispersing
Enriching the lives of those around us
Caring for those in need
Ensuring that all may attain their fullest potential
Unburdened with deprivation
Want, fear
Retaining for ourselves only enough
To meet personal need
And pursue one’s own self-actualization

What a world we would make
Should we abandon our pursuits and competitions
And instead work together to the betterment
The sustenance, the achievement
Of all

Mike Turner is a retired member of the U.S. Government’s Senior Executive Service. He served a 27-year career as a law enforcement professional in the Departments of Defense, Treasury, Homeland Security and Commerce. In retirement, Turner has had a second career as an award-winning songwriter and poet. His poems have appeared in numerous journals and anthologies, including Dissident Voice. He can be contacted at www.MikeTurnerSongwriter.com. Read other articles by Mike.