Another Life Taken

Saturday. Late afternoon.
The news is breaking.
Another place. Another life taken.
This time an adherent.
Blocked. Beaten. Battered. Bon-fired.

They claim he crossed
the red line.
That red line, yet again.
The burden of proof
will always remain
a big issue for mob justice
as guardian of this red line –
dangerous afterbirth of zealotry.

The news is breaking.
Another day.
Another place.
Another life taken.

Emman Usman Shehu resides in Abuja, Nigeria’s capital, where he works with the International Institute of Journalism. He is also involved with the Abuja Writers Forum (AWF), and is the editor of the literary journals - Cavalcade and Dugwe. Passionate about facilitating writing workshops, his poems have appeared in several print and online publications, including Okike, Kakaki, Sentinel Poetry, PoetryWales, Stone Throw, Panoply and Best New African Poets Anthology He has published four poetry collections: Questions For Big Brother, Open Sesame, Icarus Rising and The River Never Returns. His email is Read other articles by Emman Usman.