SOP / Paying the Bloody Bills

1     SOP


Made easy  by deceitfully holding out
the supremely-ironic fairy-tale promise
of its cure-all code-word tonics
       namely safety
       security  and the surety of freedom

the empire’s SOP requires
that increasingly appealingly disguised
       forms of enslavement
              and modes of surveillance
are brought to bear on its subjects’ lives;

that through the effective deception
       of projecting  a virtuous impression
(by means of rhetorical moral posturing
       with its Oscar-worthy pretense
              of championing all-things-ethical)

unconsciously triggered aspersions
are automatically cast
                     against those who dissent;

against vigilant thinkers who scoff
       at absurdly sanitized versions
       of what classified info would show
       were covert ops and false flag events;
who scoff   at claims of noble goals
                                   and wholesome intent.


Befitting that Fordian quip
that frequently paraphrased crack
about any color you like so long as it’s black

the irrepressibly selfless  empire exports
by both subtle  if underhand means
                     and nakedly lethal brute force
the irresistible gift of democracy

       provided of course   the natives elect
       whichever hand-picked puppet regime
       the imperial wizards deem fit to select
              in their infinite  beneficent wisdom.


Considering  the brazenly-fake-altruistic
doublespeak pretext exemplars
              of “responsibility to protect”
              and “humanitarian intervention”

along with “color revolutions”
financed and fomented
       by dedicated  destabilization agents
       on subversive foreign missions;

considering these
were but some of the latest
outrageously-two-faced additions
              to an ever-swelling repertoire
              of diabolical  tactics and strategies

for unleashing
the unconstrained imperium’s
                            cutting-edge depravities

              one wondered what more-demonic
              the heinous  apparatus of empire
                     could have possibly wanted

that it hadn’t  already produced
              via the usual tried-and-true
                            divide-and-rule devices
of cultivating  chaos and conflict
                     and sustaining states of crisis?

2    Paying the Bloody Bills

When the bread grows so scarce
                            it hasn’t time to go stale
and the circuses fail  to fully distract

empires require  police-state-propping cops
to keep  the teetering domestic peace
       in the shadow cast by looming collapse;

need goons  guns and gases
       jailers  jail cells and fines
              to keep the home front masses
                     from stepping outside the lines

       as the boys in blue  and riot-gear-black
       do their brutal-best to subdue and repress

while the tireless military finds itself busy
causing carnage in faraway lands
       as the tax-battered unwitting civvies
       fund the power-crazed shot callers’ plans

       and the warfare state does all that it can
              to pummel the face of the human race.

Slaughter abroad   repression at home
the workers pay for the bankstered wars
propaganda works hard to have them condone.

From his lofty perch near the top of the earth, Korvus observes the whirling world of humans, with equal parts wonder, disgust, and amusement. Korvus is the author of the unpublished book "RED PILL POEMS: The Poetry of Empire, Politics and Power" and may be reached at Read other articles by Korvus.