It Does Matter!

Hadi Matar could have gone anywhere,
have done anything

What he fancied himself to be
Is anybody’s guess, but he had been
The perfect nightmare in a fancy-free
Morning, where the mother of
Midnight’s Children had been
A fancied presence!

A voice that had untiringly upheld
What he held close to his heart,
A dissident voice in this
Conformist world…

Hadi Mater, we are ashamed of you
I don’t know what your religion is,
Neither I want to know… .

• The link to the CNN story on attack on Rushdie:

Pranab Ghosh is a journalist, writer, poet, translator and blogger. His blog is “Existential Problems”. His poems and prose have been published by several on=line publications including Dissident Voice, Spillwords, The Piker Press, Setu Magazine, Pangolin Review, Visual Verse, etc. Pranab has coauthored a book of poems, titled Air & Age; a translation of a book of Bengali short stories, “Bougainvillea and Other Stories” (English translation title). His second book of poems and first solo book, “Soul Searching and Other Poems” (2017), was published by Scarlet Leaf Publishing, Toronto. His second collection of poems, “Vision of the World and Other Poems”, was published by in November 2020. Read other articles by Pranab.