I Bless the [Covid Stats] Down in Africa

According to official [sic] statistics, despite all of the advanced medical knowledge in the Home of the Brave™, 95.8 million cases of Covid-19 occurred in the U.S. — of which, a total of 1.05 million people died.

According to official [sic] statistics, only 68.3% of Americans are fully vaccinated against Covid-19.

According to Science™ [sic], those unjabbed Americans are surely to blame.

Now dig this: According to the CDC, only 21.6 percent of all Africans are fully vaccinated against Covid-19. Here are some of the least-vaccinated nations on the continent:

  • Mali: 7.7% are fully vaccinated
  • Niger: 6.5%
  • Senegal: 6.1%
  • Madagascar: 4.9%
  • Cameroon: 4.5%
  • The Democratic Republic of the Congo: 3%
  • Burundi: 0.2%

I braced myself before looking at death counts in these poor, vaccine-deprived countries. Here’s what I found:

  • Mali: 741 reported Covid deaths
  • Niger: 313
  • Senegal: 1,968
  • Madagascar: 1,410
  • Cameroon: 1,935
  • The Democratic Republic of the Congo: 1,442
  • Burundi: 38

Then we have Eritrea where at least two-thirds of the inhabitants live in poverty and less than half have access to clean water. In poor little Eritrea, 0% of the population is fully vaccinated.


The official [sic] Covid death count in Eritrea is (wait for it) 103.

Across the entire continent of Africa — 1.2 billion humans in 54 countries — only 21.6 percent of all Africans are fully vaccinated. Yet, the official [sic] total of Covid cases is 12,064,330 and the official [sic] death count is 255,733.

To recap, the Fauci-led medical mecca of America is 68.3% fully vaxxed but has a death count of 1.05 million. Poverty-stricken Eritrea vaccinated no one and only 103 people died.

If Covid-19 was even half as dangerous as the narrative insisted, why was mostly unvaccinated Africa spared?

(Even if you unwisely believe that the Covid tests work and the case/death counts are accurate, surely the above information does not make sense to you.)

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