Mother says that I shouldn’t wear
green, that’s not our colour
But then green are the huge mountains
cloaked by the numerous leaves of trees
The greenish water of lakes washing
it’s already soaked feet, the green
grass and the green moss on the rocks
How isn’t green our colour if it is of
the beautiful nature!
Also weren’t my grandma’s eyes green,
like emerald green and the prettiest
Mother however isn’t convinced, says
that I shouldn’t wear green to the
weddings and dare not wear it on Diwali
She wears bangles of colours none
other than red or orange and speaks
that only those are auspicious
It’s a divine gift to see all colours mother
Celebrate the beauty of your vision
We live in a colourful world and each
colour must belong to us
I am not more Hindu in orange or ochre
Green doesn’t make me a Muslim
We all have the same God, and I don’t
think He is biased about the colours

Mitra Samal lives in Bhubaneswar, India where she is a software professional with a passion for technology and literature.  Her latest book of poetry entitled Beginning: Poetry from Heart was published in January, 2018, and her poems have been published, or are forthcoming, in Poetry Society India, Muse India, Borderless Journal, Madras Courier, Setu, The Punch Magazine and FemAsia among others.  She also participates in poetry open mics. Mitra can be reached at @mitrasamal in Instagram. Read other articles by Mitra.