That Is the Question

The troubled states of America.  Shall this union perish from the earth?
— Andre Patte, National Post, May 29, 2022.

Nations die when they lose
strength and imagination to
invent new myths, new idols,
new missions, new cities on
that hill, create social bonds
that cross the borders of race,
class and gender
The American Dream died for
most Americans, our leaders
failed to create a new one the
people could believe and strive
to achieve.
They let the country decline into
a new reality that is crude, violent,
intolerant and dim. They made a
mockery of democracy for the
religion of capitalism.
Now is the moment for change
sweeping and fundamental, before
the clock strikes midnight and the
union forged by Lincoln vanishes
in the darkness.

George Salamon lives in St.Louis,MO, a shrinking city dreaming of a return to the good old days. Read other articles by George.