A(tomic)lma Mat(t)er

I live among “Russians”
who are enslaved
by a different flag,
yet, we are of the same
vicious imperialistic ideology.

We are brothers and sisters
of gorgeous mother Gaia
who we use and abuse
and manipulate and personify.

We exist in the same
filthy crackpipe—
we both live
on the dark side
of the womb.

• Note: We Are Antifa is a collection of poetry and prose from writers all over the world in opposition to fascism, racism and state-sanctioned brutality. 100 percent of the proceeds from the sale of this book go to Black Lives Matter Toronto.  For more information click here.

Heath Brougher and is an editor and writer from York, PA who has devoted his life to doing what he can to stop the rampant insanity that has always flowed through the veins of america. He wants to create the america that never existed. Read other articles by Heath.