The Fruit of the Tree (of K of G and E)

1       That Next-to-Original Sin

With propaganda’s hands  in full command
wrapped as they are  darkly round the reins
of well-disguised bias
                            with the insidious science
                            of misinfo and spin on a roll

the covert process of washing brains
will have reached its goal of co-opting your soul
and achieved  its equally sinister aim
of rewiring your unwary mind

the Rubicon-crossing minute you find
that you feel no shame as you claim
              things  you know are patently true
                            to all of a sudden be false

       and ones you can see are obviously false
                                   to now be irrefutably true
       owing only
              to the odious powers supposedly
                     knowing so much better than you.

The action of subtly scrubbing brains
will have worked  its dirty bits of trickery
              both methodically and mysteriously
                            to exquisitely obedient effect

when despite having savoured
                     the fruit’s unique flavour
you agree to sing  the establishment’s hymn
                     to dutifully spineless compliance

       as you lie and deny
       the truth of the fruit and the truth of its taste
       for the twisted sake of the gaslighting state.

The gift of flat-out gab   the gift of the con
the facts get buried while the lies slither on
— first came the bite  and then the campaign
to alter the truth   to cleanse A and Eve’s brains
(that next-to-original sin);

       came the act of selling and telling
              people  to swear by the myths
                     they’d do so much better dispelling.

2       Stupefied by Design

Through mostly unnoticed   indoctrination
(that time-tested method for spreading deceptions)
the powers that be always offer their ancient
              broadly followed  enthralling suggestions:

“Erect a fence  round your skeptical sense;
lock up your logic   bend the knee to blind faith.
Surrender your mind to the church of the state;
              surrender your will   surrender your fate.”

There’s no weapon so effective  no tool so suited
as pervasive grade-A propaganda
              for instilling what’s presumed to be true

to the point we’ve mostly been rendered too stupid
to ask  “What good is Miranda
when the courts have morphed into pure kangaroo?”.

From his lofty perch near the top of the earth, Korvus observes the whirling world of humans, with equal parts wonder, disgust, and amusement. Korvus is the author of the unpublished book "RED PILL POEMS: The Poetry of Empire, Politics and Power" and may be reached at Read other articles by Korvus.