The Dictator and the Church

The church leaders
were polite but concerned.
But they seemed delighted
when I gave them my assurances
that I would not interfere
with their rituals, their beliefs.
It was not my intention
to tell people how to pray.

In the face of the tactful iron fist,
religion is always the first to crumble.
Especially when I promised to attend
the occasional service.

God, the father.
God, the son.
God, the holy ghost.
And now God, the unwitting accomplice.

John Grey is an Australian poet, US resident, recently published in Dissident Voice, New World Writing, Santa Fe Literary Review, and Lost Pilots. Latest books, ”Between Two Fires”, “Covert” and “Memory Outside The Head” are available through Amazon. Work upcoming in the Seventh Quarry, La Presa and California Quarterly.. Read other articles by John.