The Balancing Of Baphomet and Self-Harming In The Healing/Transitional Area

… so yeah, we just started ‘Making-Out’
whilst listening to the [Dead] Medium
Leslie Flint channeling Charlotte Brontë
… and that was rather disconcerting.
Turns out she’s Ambidextrous…
yet, only when Angry or Aroused
… just like me… it’s a small world.
Oh no, I never ‘Misbehave’ [Properly]
when it’s expected of me…
a Pioneer doesn’t do ‘Prompts’
and Disappoints upon a regular basis.
You know how you Yaaawwwnnn
and it sets everyone else off…
I’ve taken That to a whole new Level
[or Depth, depending upon your Morals].
It was my right ankle I had tattooed
[completely covered with a Cobweb]
during my first stint in Rehab…
and I self-pierced my left nipple
[to even-out the fresh Wounding]
whilst Occult Ceremonial Chanting
… way before it became fashionable,
all upon the very same Evening…
I’ve rarely been able to slip Focus since
… except whilst ‘Intoxicated’, ironically.

Paul Tristram is a widely published Welsh writer who deals in the Lowlife, Outsider, and Outlaw genres.  He wrote his first poem as a teenager following his release from the (Infamous) Borstal ‘HMP Portland’, and he has been creating Literary Terrorism ever since. Read other articles by Paul, or visit Paul's website.