Getting Down With the Sickness: Patriotism Is Loving Your Stockholm Syndrome

There is no way around it. Nation states and their institutions behave like predatory cults that demand your subservience to them in order to get basic needs met that should be free, like access to food, water, and land. They have created a scheme where we owe other people from birth to live on land that was stolen. We are instructed on how to live by people that operate in a hierarchical power structure that runs like a mafia style good ole boy club, where the doctrine is do it our way or else. To all the people snagged into these schemes elements of their lives become beholden to beliefs of the cult. This is done with purpose to maintain the structure of lies needed to keep people subservient and those at the top dictate the set point for normality for all.

Those fully indoctrinated on the inside of cults are largely unable to see the programming of the cult. It just is, and other cultures and ways of being seem weird; including the idea of living free without parasitic leadership. Once sucked in and normality is set for them by the cult they become dogmatic and blind, unable to think or behave outside the parameters the cult has set for them. It only takes a generation or two after a dominator class has taken control before the descendants forget that it was an imperial cult from the start. Stockholm syndrome turns into an actual pandemic of mental dysfunction referred to by the nation state cults as patriotism, religious cults it’s called faith, technological materialist cults it’s called science and progress, and family cults it’s called loyalty.

Cult members think their thoughts are their own and their traditions are innate, when in reality their parents, teachers, clergy, politicians, media, and peers have been feeding them cult propaganda since birth. An ego then forms around one’s role in the cult hierarchy making it more difficult to see themselves or others outside the manufactured reality their cult has meticulously crafted for them.

And so it is on the fourth of July some are given a respite from their indentured labor to celebrate liberty when we’ve never been free in this cult. It’s as Orwellian as it gets. Notice how they have entirely defined what freedom is and is not, and there is no public conversation on the topic, rather our freedom is assumed in the corporate news media and we’re told it’s only under threat from outsiders and somehow not being infringed at all by the people who have assumed control of all the land.

A system where they make up the money then demand you give them what they have invented so that you can have access to what they have stolen. That’s nothing but a straight up con to make people work for the powers that be. They plot to steal years of your life away to serve the labor industry needed for their cult to maintain power in childish games of rapaciously chasing after world domination with other competing cults.

Cult societies cannot be reformed. Rather they can only be made irrelevant by seeing past the lies they have sold. We live with those lies in our own hearts because it’s almost all most of us know. Seeing past these artificial boundaries set for us by the cult is the only way to come to greater understanding of our true situation, and to begin working cooperatively to gain actual independence by us as a people on a direct community level sans involvement from cults. It’s only by assessing and meeting our own local needs while also working with other nearby independent communities in cooperation can we eventually build a collective independence to break away from entrenched cult power. Then maybe one day humanity can celebrate a true independence day when the spell of the centralized hierarchical cult has worn off and our vision clears once again.

And remember, patriotism in reality is nothing but getting down with the sickness of Stockholm syndrome, I’ll let Richard Cheese sing me out:

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