Mommy bought Sonny-Boy
an AR-15 for his
birthday, and
she became victim
on the morning
the demon son
in a death-more trance
started shooting 1st graders.
The demon spore of
whores and
killers of the
Death-More Clan–
oh foul land,
why such slaughter
of the lambs?
Nightclub mayhem
and high school monsters–
demoniac losers in
movie theaters,
hotel windows,
The name of this is shame
the name is sham
the name is sin–
killers of the Holy Ghost
within: defliers, nameless
ciphers, begrimed and
bastardized, misbegotten
churrs of no
moon’s shine–
from what black Hell
hath such vomitus

Wayne F. Burke's poetry has been widely published online and in print (including in Dissident Voice). He is the author of eight published full-length poetry collections -- most recently BLACK SUMMER, 2021, Spartan Press. He lives in Vermont (USA). Read other articles by Wayne F..