love’s strange anatomy
labyrinth of emotions
muscling through veins

lonely turret
its gargoyle

pouted lips verbose
heart clamours for
a shrouded corniche

to Aphrodite’s

thousand ships sail
each to its Hebrides
knit in Neptune’s bond

blood on
Zeus’s sword

Raja Chakraborty, born and raised in Kolkata, India, is a much published bilingual poet, writing in English and Bengali. He has penned four books of English poems so far, 'The Soup Bowl and Other Poems', ‘Whispers in the Wind', ‘Broken Lines and Rainbows' and 'About Maya and Other Poems'. He is also a regular contributor to magazines and anthologies which include Piker Press, The Writers Club, Litterateur Rw, Duanespoetree and a host of anthologies. Read other articles by Raja.