Paradigm for Peace Applied to Ukraine: Proposal for a Peaceful Pathway Forward (Part 3)

The Roots of Violence: Needs for Power and Freedom

Part 3A: Fears of US Political Interference and Coups (the 9/11 Coup of Allende)


Part 3B:  PNAC’s American Empire. Aggressive US Drives for Power and Freedom.


Part 3C:  National Endowment for “Democracy”: A Second CIA

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Kristin Christman is a guest with former UNSCOM weapons inspector Scott Ritter and UNAC coordinator Joe Lombardo on Cynthia Pooler’s program, Issues that Matter. Kristin has been independently researching US foreign policy and peace since 9/11. Her channel focuses on US-Russian relations at She graduated summa cum laude from Dartmouth College with a BA in Russian, and she holds Master’s degrees in Slavic languages from Brown University and public administration from SUNY Albany. Read other articles by Kristin.