All In the Name of Governance!

They burn you alive,
If you are in the rival camp,
What if you belong
To the same party

They throttle the voice of
They molest you to

They tear into your
Looking for vain
What if you are a

They are the demons
They balance their ‘rule of law’
On the foundation of fear
Their weapon to run
A ‘democratic’ government!

They sell public
To raise funds for ‘development’

They run barbed wire
Through your heart
In the name of
‘National unity’.

What are they?
What do they practice?


They bulldoze ‘equality’
To dust!

Author’s note: Some days ago 10 plus men, women and children, were burnt alive at a lesser known village in West Bengal. What is prevailing in the country and state in the name of governance is abominable. This poem protests against the inhuman treatment meted out to the people.

Pranab Ghosh is an award-winning Indian journalist and writer, who has worked for major news outlets of the country, including HT Media Ltd., Eenadu Digital, TNIE, Business India group etc.. His books of poems have been published by English and Canadian publishers. Read other articles by Pranab.