Shooting Children

America, land of the gun,
home of the bereaved
gone is the pursuit of happiness
forget the right to life

The Second Amendment misunderstood
politicians wring their hands
words uttered in vain, meaningless
Sandy Hook changed nothing

Let’s shoot children, all complicit
every senator or congress member
life is cheap just like bullets
shooting children in the land of the gun

Chrissie is much traveled and has lived and worked in several countries. She gained her degrees in Psychology at USC and worked with recovering addicts in the LA area for four years She now lives on the South Coast of England where she writes. Chrissie has been published by Ariel Chart, Bournemouth Borough Council, Plum Tree Books, Mad Swirl, Anti Heroin Chic, Dead Snakes, and other publishers of poetry. Her articles appear in Novel Masters, Democracy Now, Sudden Denouement and other newspapers. Read other articles by Chrissie.