Our Wars Proclaimed Just

His order-
sit at your console, direct a drone
kill the terrorist
then follow his body
and when people come to bury him
kill them.

Why couldn’t the military counselors
take away
his moody, sleepless, self-loathing

How could he doubt
the uncanny accuracy of the target?
How could he question
the precision of such warfare?

Collateral killings
secrete bombings
are nothing like
what those Putin troops are doing.

Rest assured
you’re only ordered to kill
life denying people
somewhere over there.

You can close your eyes now.

Cynthia Jatul is a biology teacher in a Seattle Public High School. An understanding of nature and a commitment to justice are central to her teaching. She has been published by Appalachia and Catamaran and has had an essay accepted by Canary. Read other articles by Cynthia.