Don’t Disenfranchise Me

Will anchors, of whatever stripe,
please start disseminating news,
instead of using it to hype
their own presumptive moral views.
I wish news anchors won’t lambast
a pol whose standing left or right
of where I’m at – with looks aghast,
as if they were a plebiscite.
They’d render an electorate
politically irrelevant
and thus, a mere protectorate
of broadcasters’ benevolent
rule. I don’t need a callous shrug
from them, a rolling of their eyes.
or dudes exhaling breath with smug
demeanor. Cheekbones shouldn’t rise,
dismissing someone’s point of view
which, though it suits their temperament,
they journalistically eschew
with facial tics as complement.
They thus add to fat salaries
an aspect low in calories.

Frank De Canio was born and bred in New Jersey and worked for many years in New York City. He loves music from Bach to Shakira to Amy Winehouse. Frank also attends a Café Philo in Lower Manhattan every other week, and a poetry workshop which are now, since Corona, ZOOM events. Read other articles by Frank.