Death Ghost-writes Fire

How death ghost-writes the memoir
for the fire bothers me;
I desire to edit it, and that I cannot fill
it with periods inlays my intestine with pain.

Leave my mother’s name out of it.
I whisper hoping, my voice will
set a herd of butterflies on peregrination.

Springtime toddles towards a slide.
A few sparrows are born near
one half devoured sandwich on the grass.
I wipe what death has written
on my eyes. Leave. I say
staring at the dark foliage.

Kushal Poddar is the author of 'Postmarked Quarantine' has eight books to his credit. He is a journalist, father, and the editor of 'Words Surfacing’. His works have been translated into twelve languages, published across the globe. Twitter: Read other articles by Kushal.