Bow down toward the chain

Those tender fears
Blown up from tender tears
A close encounter of the seventh sign
The period location
A defense of our future
Break forth the chemistry

Bow down toward the chain
A love in full circles
Just to remain full
A memory left toward cavity
Living in the land of make believe!

There in the woods will learn
Another page well turned
Beneath the chocolate covered freeze
Look, listen and feel

A love so very clear
Throughout a spoonful thought
Branches go out
Along life’s perfect legacy

Sullen brevity
Shades of green, grey and black
Working too hard will give you a heart attack
Brace from human sculpture

We shall take part
To bridge the gap between heaven and grace!

A poet since 1989, 51 year old Mario William Vitale has written over 1,000 poems. Read other articles by Mario William.