My Cup Brimmeth Over

He swept with vigour
While he straightened the creases
With warmth
He sought dust and grime
And he…wrinkles
Labour…or habit
Who knows

In a half-filled paper-cup
Arrived his steaming elixir
To be divided
And consumed
By both
Not a word exchanged
Nor a morning greet
Just a practice
Or habit
Like work…or labour

The bells tolled
In unison
From the church
And the temple

A new dawn…
Spring had arrived
At last…

Dr. Supatra Sen, Associate Professor, Asutosh College Kolkata is a veteran academician, teaching and researching in the fields of Botany and Environment. Besides international books, papers and reviews, she has edited several UGC funded ISBN volumes and is the founder and Chief Editor of an ISSN peer-reviewed multi-disciplinary academic journal ‘Harvest’ since 2016. Her tryst with poetry began in 2020 during the global pandemic and in October 2021 her poetry anthology ‘My Autumn Sonata’ was published. Read other articles by Supatra.