Current Events: Authoritarian Regimes

Arlington Public Schools has suspended a substitute teacher who, during a Spanish class, expressed approval of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s decision to invade Ukraine and urged students to read Russian-run propaganda outlets.

—“Arlington suspends substitute teacher who backed Russia’s invasion of Ukraine” (Washington Post, Hannah Natanson, 3/1/22)

Good morning, class.
Today’s class will be on the topic:

Authoritarian Regimes Around the World

Let’s start by testing our knowledge, shall we?
Who can tell me the name of a country with an authoritarian regime?
Do I see any hands?
Yes, Peter.

“Mr. Wilson’s class is authoritarian.
He won’t let us even look out the window,
or get up to drink water, or anything.”

I see, Peter. But you know, I was thinking about countries.
Can anyone name a country that has an authoritarian regime.
Yes, Angela?

“Ms. Samuel’s math class is the same way. So authoritarian.”

You know, Angela, I meant countries with authoritarian regimes.
Oh, let’s just say, for example…just to pick one…Russia?
Can anyone give me any other examples?
Yes, Philippa?
Give us an example of a country with an authoritarian regime, if you would.

“Mr. Andersen’s PE. He’s so mean.
If we’re more than five minutes late getting into sweats
and out on the court we get marked down.”

Class, let’s step back a moment…

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